Ambition? Nah, got to earn a living.

Think back to when you were a kid.  What did you want to be, or do?  

Kids have an endless and unstoppable list of ambition.  It can change at any time, but it is powerful.

Then, somewhere along the line we were told that the things we wanted was nonsense, or not for us because …  because … And we believed it.

Along with the storehouse of ambitions that was silently put away, because …

All the energy you had hanging on it so beautifully, had been stored away, too.  I won’t give you the psychobabble, but will ask you:  

How would you like to get some of that energy back?  

How would you like to get more of what you want?

Please note, this service is not clinical in any way.  You will be required to talk to me and tell me stuff, so we can work it out together, to see if its worth a go.

Yours truly